We understand that managing money, balancing your career, and growing a business is hard. That's why we're here.
Do you know how much you're taking home from each $50 adjustment?
I bet we can make it more than what it currently is.
Are you feeling stuck or tied to your practice?
Would you rather be jetting off to the mountains on a Friday? Or take a couple weeks off in the summer to spend time with your family? We can help with that.
Are you using your money to secure your future while also enjoying life today?
Let’s find that right balance, you (and future you) deserve it.
Do your debts feel endless?
I get it. Let’s tackle it and start growing your wealth.
What happens when life happens?
The perfect house goes up for sale… your transmission goes on your car, now what? You just found out you’re expecting…
How close are you to owning your dream vacation home?
Do you want to be there in ten years or five? We help talk through the trade offs and the potential costs.
Money alone doesn’t solve all of life's problems.
It’s how you apply it intelligently.
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Client Testimonials

“My financial situation was overwhelming before I met Scott. I had a massive amount of student debt when I was fresh out of graduating school, but Scott helped me to not only take control of my debt but also plan for my future while living my life”

“We have really seen our financial situation turn around since we have started working with Scott. Through his guidance and the implementation of Profit First into our practice, we were able to clear all our debt in about a year!”

"Scott has been an invaluable asset in helping us establish financial stability and attain our goals, both professionally and personally. Over the past 3 years, his guidance and regular check-ins have resulted in a profitable practice and the confidence that we’re on the right path towards our long-term vision"

“Scott is amazing. He helped me understand my finances, plan for my future and bring consciousness to my spending. Because of his plan, I finished my student loans early, paid off a car loan, started investing and bought a house, all while keeping my condo as an investment property.”


How we're different than the rest


When you partner with a "big bank" advisor you can generally expect the "traditional" approach to providing financial advice.

Specialized in Chiropractors

Cash Flow & Profit Planning for your Practice

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Plan for Paying Down Debt

Regular Meetings Throughout the Year

Investment Management


Tax Planning

Account Minimums

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We can meet to go over where your finances are at, pinpoint your short-term ambitions and worries, and investigate how we can work together to attain them. If we decide we are a good match, I will put together a personalized Financial Plan of Care just for you.

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The Financial
Plan of Care

Our Financial Plan of Care is a straightforward look at where you are at financially and what your goals are. We can pinpoint the most significant areas to concentrate on as well as the necessary steps to take. In addition to the plan, we'll provide a proposal for investing in our planning services.

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We are committed to helping you reach your financial objectives by engaging in productive conversations, devising a plan, and taking the necessary actions. You deserve to be financially secure and to feel calm about your finances.

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