Build Your Wealth

Maximize your cash flow to reach your financial goals

Increase Profitability

Make your practice smarter so you're taking home more

Eliminate Debt

Establish an actionable plan for freeing yourself from debt

We understand, it's easy for finances to get out of control. We can help.

Do you know how much you're taking home from each $50 adjustment?
I bet we can make it more than what it currently is.
Are you feeling stuck or tied to your practice?
Would you rather be jetting off to the mountains on a Friday? Or take a couple weeks off in the summer to spend time with your family? We can help with that.
Are you using your money to secure your future while also enjoying life today?
Let’s find that right balance, you (and future you) deserve it.
Do your debts feel endless?
I get it. Let’s tackle it and start growing your wealth.
What happens when life happens?
The perfect house goes up for sale… your transmission goes on your car, now what? You just found out you’re expecting…
How close are you to owning your dream vacation home?
Do you want to be there in ten years or five? We help talk through the trade offs and the potential costs.

Like physical health, great financial health requires a plan and goals to follow

I know how stressful it is to feel like you’re flying blind with your finances. I understand how discouraging it is to be earning a good income but still feel out of control.

I’m Scott Campbell and I’m a Certified Financial Planner that does things differently. First, I specialize in helping chiropractors. Second, I dive deeper than the traditional investment advisor. I get into the on-the- ground realities of debt reduction, managing cash flow, and building habits that lead to the life you want.

I do for your finances what a personal trainer does for your body — I push you to take an honest look at your money, define what you want, and then implement a plan to get healthy. The end result is you feeling free, confident, and in control.

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Featured Client
Success Story

"Scott has turned once a stressful and overwhelming topic in our household into a series of simple steps to get us on track and make our finances start working for us"

"Scott took me through a clear process and designed a plan that aligned with my personal goals and values. He genuinely gets to know you as a person and will help bring clarity to your finances"

"Over the last year I’ve not only been more profitable, but I have attained a feeling of security and certainty that the processes we’ve implemented will help me and my business long into the future"


How to get started putting a financial plan in place and build your wealth

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We’ll talk about your career and financial goals and I will leave you with a few ideas and actionable steps to help move you forward.

The One Page
Financial Plan

If we’re a good fit, I’ll gather your financial data and create a customized financial plan. You'll have clarity and a step-by-step plan for moving forward.

Experience Financial

I’ll guide you through the process of implementing your plan. You’ll feel the confidence of mastering your cash flow and your personal finances.


Our approach which sets apart from the "traditional" advisor


When you partner with a "big bank" advisor you can generally expect the "traditional" approach to providing financial advice.

Specialized in Chiropractors

Profit First Coaching on your practices Cash Flow & Profitability

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Plan for Paying Down Debt

Regular Meetings Throughout the Year

Investment Management

Risk Management

Tax Planning

Account Minimums

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