Here at Align Wealth we have carefully crafted a simple but deeply impactful approach to financial planning and wealth management. We’ll help align your money with both your life and your practice in a way that feels right to you and your family.

We align your wealth with what’s important. So you live the life you want.

As a Chiropractor, you know how challenging it is to grow a practice. You have to care for patients, manage the operations, and also find balance in your personal life.

Handling finances is a big part of it. Do you ever feel like you’re only holding on? Or that you should have more money in light of how hard you work? Do you feel disorganized and overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Most of us were never taught how to think about money. We’ve never learned how to line up our day to day finances with the future we want. But that can change—with the right partnership.

At Align Wealth we help Chiropractors align their finances so they make more money—and enjoy the money they have.

We form long-term relationships with our clients. We help them live their best life.

Financial Planning for

Practice Owners

You started your practice because you have a passion for helping people. Now you’re trying to figure out how to maximize income and run a profitable business. You're making the decisions on when and what amount to pay yourself and how to handle saving for retirement and paying down debt.  

We can help. We know how to clarify your choices as you juggle goals. We show you where to invest next in your business. And we’ll help you get a handle on taxes and keep up with your personal expenses.  

Schedule a call and we’ll talk about your practice and its financial goals. Are there money issues you may be facing? On our call we’ll discuss how to get back on track. You can build a successful and profitable practice that supports your personal goals.

Financial Planning For


As an associate, you're likely running a business within a practice (as a sole proprietor, contractor or professional corp.). You're managing a variable income, bills, and taxes. You have to pay down student loans and navigate the world of investments.  

We can help you analyze whether you're managing everything as effectively as you can. We'll help you measure whether you're on track to achieve goals like buying a new home, saving for a wedding, or getting away for a needed holiday. 

When you schedule a call we can talk about your money questions, goals for the future, and how you can feel secure in using and enjoying your money.

Chiro-Specific Financial Coaching

In our experience, most financial advisors try to take generic solutions intended for the broad population and make them work for chiropractors. Whether you're an associate or a practice owner, we've designed a planning process that is customized to the challenges and financial goals that you have for your career as a Chiropractor.

The Financial Roadmap

First, we identify what is most important to you. What's currently keeping you up at night? What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to be in a year from now, 5 years, and 10 years from now? Together we create the roadmap to help bring clarity to where you're heading.

The Cash Flow Plan

We create a custom cash flow plan for you. This system improves awareness and guides how money flows in and out of your life. The result is the ability to build wealth with more certainty and with less stress. We give you proven methods to ensure that your money is successfully aligned with your life and your priorities.

Continuous Net Worth Tracking

We create and periodically update your Net Worth Statement. This is a financial snapshot at a given point in time that allows us to track and celebrate your progress. In order for us to see how far you have come, we have to know where we’re starting.

Financial Independence Plan

Rather than a traditional “retirement plan”, we prefer to think of it as financial independence. We want you to remain engaged in meaningful pursuits as long as you want – but on your terms and on your timeline. We help you gain the financial independence that will allow you to control your time and energy, and enjoy the experiences that you choose.

Debt Management Strategy

Debt can be a major source of financial stress for many chiropractors. Between student loans, practice loans, and mortgages, the pile of debt can seem insurmountable. But debt doesn’t have to be an ugly four letter word. We will show you how debt factors into your overall financial plan and help you find the right balance between paying it down and saving for the future.

Investment Analysis, Strategy and Implementation

Investing doesn't have to be complicated. We’re committed to helping you understand what you own and how building wealth and financial security works. We advise on a simple, evidence-based approach to investing. We will guide you through it so you can easily understand and feel confident with your investment portfolio.

Insurance Evaluations and Policy Selection

There are many risks that can severely impact your ability to grow and protect your wealth. That might be losing a job, getting injured or sick, or even an untimely death. There are many ways to mitigate risk, and together we will explore the best options for coverage.

Tax and Estate Planning

While we don’t actually complete your tax returns or draft your will, we do spend time understanding your tax returns and estate plan and how unexpected life changes might impact your financial plan. We will establish open lines of communication with your CPA, attorney, bookkeeper and office manager to request data and collaborate when it’s required. We want to ensure that you’re getting the best advice when it comes to saving taxes and preparing your estate plan.

Financial Organization and Security

Wouldn’t it feel good to have someone organize all of your finances? We can help you keep everything in one place, ensure all your investments are working in harmony, and take the leadership role on your team of financial professionals. We have a shared, secure digital filing cabinet where you can store important documents and send things to us.