Investment Philosophy

At Align Wealth our investment philosophy is guided by six core principles. We do not attempt to ‘time the markets’ and we do not ‘chase performance’.  Instead, we focus on timeless wealth building principles.

1. Invest Don’t Speculate

We understand the important differences between speculation and investing. Speculation is trying to predict the future. We don’t believe that tactics like trying to “time the market”, or chasing past performance or taking a hot stock tip from your brother-in-law will result in success. We believe that your time in the market in a well-diversified portfolio is far more important than trying to time it.

2. Allocate Your Assets When Your Head is Clear

To achieve long-term success with your investment portfolio you need both smart behaviour and smart asset allocation. If your behaviour is shaped by panic, fear or greed you’ll make unwise allocations. Uncertainty in the markets can test our emotions and cause unhelpful choices. We create a safe place to talk about money and believe that open communication, education and coaching will give us a clear head—so we can act appropriately through the ups and downs of the markets.

3. Have Faith in the Future

When it comes to the future we know that it carries uncertainty. History, however, has shown us that the world has always moved forward. Companies across the globe (equities) will always continue to innovate and improve, despite the periodic setbacks that we see in the economy. Today the world is collectively experiencing uncertainty and there is volatility in the markets. We plan for our clients to benefit at times like this by taking a long-term approach and following the belief that “this too shall pass”. We reject blind optimism, but we have faith in the future.

4. Set Goals Then Trust the Process

We take a financial planning first approach. Our mission is to help our clients live their best lives and to help them achieve their goals. An investment portfolio in itself isn’t a plan, it’s a vehicle that ultimately allows you to fund your goals and dreams. We prioritize planning and the goals and values that are tied to it. It allows us to tune out the short-term noise and focus on what’s most important to you and your family.

5. Simple And Low-Cost Wins the Day

We have done extensive research and have come to the conclusion that a simple, low-cost portfolio is the strategy that yields the best results over the long-term. It may be as boring as watching grass grow, but it works. The financial services industry is guilty of turning investing into something more complex than it needs to be in order to justify high fees. We keep our clients’ portfolios simple and keep costs low through ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Our clients’ portfolios are well-diversified with an asset allocation strategy across the Canadian, U.S and Global markets.

6. Keep a Steady Focus

Finally, when it comes to investing we put a heavy emphasis on the importance of focusing on the things that truly matter and that can be controlled. We can focus on staying disciplined and patient while on the journey of long-term investing. Rather than focusing on short-term market news or the cost of oil, we can focus on what matters most. Maybe that is spending more time outside staying active or coaching your daughter’s volleyball team. A steady focus on what is most important in life can’t be understated.